Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 10 EOC: What Channels are you going to do to get your product noticed?

The channels I will be using to get my product noticed are:

1. Advertorials/ Magazine Adverts- showing the style of an editorial to give more class to the product.
2. Content Marketing- Developing the advert I will have content to use for marketing purposes.
3. Email- The customer of Hyundai checks their email on the regular.
4. Presentations/ Event- Giving the customer a chance to experience the luxury aspect of the brand also engage with the product.
5. TV commercials- Even though I will not be crating one for this class I understand its the best way to get your product noticed.

Week 10 EOC: Guido Heffels

Guido Heffels is a German native born in 1965 and the founder and CCO of German communication agency HEIMAT with offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna and Zürich. Heffels lives in Berlin. He has a son, but not a dog. And he most definitely doesn’t play golf. Guido Heffels studied Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf and entered the field of “creative business” with the “Hesse Design Agency” in Düsseldorf. “HEIMAT is part of TBWA since 2014. Their clients roster includes Swisscom, european DIY chain stores Hornbach, Adidas, Airbnb, Google, Pattex, Loctide, CNN, OTTO, Siemens amongst others. Guido has judged at CLIO, LIAA, NY Festivals several times” ("Guido Heffels." Guido Heffels | D&AD. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2017). In the second year of its existence, the advertising agency established at the end of 1999 was named Newcomer Agency of the Year. In all the latest German creative rankings the 150+ agency reaches 3rd place. Guido has judged all international advertising shows. He is member of the German ADC, D&AD and Tennis-Club Schwarz-Weiß Tiergarten e. “Guido won an endless amount of awards for his work, but considers it absurd to count them” ("Guido HEFFELS." Guido HEFFELS | CONNECTIONS BERLIN 2016. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2017). 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 9 EOC: Creative Content

For my Creative Content I will be creating a print advert that will be featured in a magazine. It will also showcase the fashion style of Seoul, South Korea. Since Hyundai has also appealed to the everyday person I do not want to take that aspect away from the customer just enhance it.

My advert will be either one page or two pages (haven't decided yet). It will show the more the luxury side of the 2017 Hyundai Sonata Limited which will be something new for the brand. This advert will be made in photoshop featuring a mood board of the clothing style I would like to go with the advert.

Week 9 EOC: Art + Copy - Key Person

Meet Leew Clow

Lee Clow was born is Los Angeles in 1943 where he literally grew up on the beach. He credits his first grade teacher, Mrs. Rice, with recognizing his artistic potential. It all occurred very serendipitously with a little drawing of a boat Clow had made in class. It seems little Lee loved boats and realistically portrayed it right down to the curling eddies of smoke rising from its stack. Mrs. Rice immediately noticed his uncanny knack for detail and told Lee’s mom of his impending future as an artist. As a result, Mrs. Clow encouraged her son to continue drawing and painting. As Clow got older, he began to hone his artistic skills. He attended Santa Monica City College and received a two-year degree. His parents simply could not afford to send him to the more prestigious Art Center College of Design. Years later, as irony would have it, Clow was asked to teach there! It was also during this period that Clow’s distinct California personality crystallized. Inspired by the creative revolution of the just-completed decade of the sixties, Lee Clow was deeply influenced by the DDB team approach to advertising. At the time, it certainly caused a frisson of excitement, sending much needed shock waves of creativity throughout the industry. Wanting to have his cake and eat it too, Lee Clow set out to search for the perfect west coast agency that aspired to DDB’s principles. He simply refused to trade in his bathing trunks for a Brooks Brothers suit.

("Lee Clow." ADC • Global Awards & Club. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017.)

Meet Mary Wells

Born: May 13, 1943
Died: July 26, 1992

Founder of the world famous "Motown Sound," Mary Wells is considered not only one of the best female singers in the music industry, but also a vital part of the success of the prestigious label. Wells' early years were not easy. As a small child, she suffered a bout of spinal meningitis, which left her temporarily paralyzed, with loss of hearing and partial blindness in one eye. She was always grateful, however, to regain her hearing and sight. As a talented teenager, Wells auditioned for Berry Gordy's Tamla Records as a songwriter, but instead received a contract to be a performer. 

In 1964, Wells' career reached a significant peak when her song, "My Guy," made it to No. 1 on the pop chart and became one of the year's best recordings. She also sang duets with Marvin Gaye, includng "Once Upon a Time," which reached No. 17 in 1964. The Beatles declared Mary Wells their favorite American singer, calling her "their sweetheart," and invited her to England to tour with them. Upon her return to the states, the Beatles sent Wells several compositions to be released on their next album. In 1990, Wells was diagnosed with larynx cancer, hindering her ability to sing. Despite her health condition, Wells was always upbeat and courageous. She began taking long trips, including one to New York in which she was the focus of a "Joan Rivers Show." Her tribute on the show included a warm and generous phone call from Little Richard and a loving video dedication from Stevie Wonder, who, in her honor, sang "My Guy" rewritten as "My Girl." In early fall of 1991, Mary traveled to Washington D.C., where she testified before a Congressional Committee concerning funding for cancer research. She said: "I'm here today to urge you to keep the faith. I can't cheer you on with all my voice, but I can encourage, and I pray to motivate you with all my heart and soul and whispers." After a bout of pneumonia, Wells was hospitalized once more and spent her last days at the Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital. On July 26, 1992, the First Lady of Motown died. Gone was the soft, beautiful voice of Mary Wells.

("The Official Mary Wells Web Site." The Official Mary Wells Web Site. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017.)

Meet Phyllis K. Robinson

Born in New York, Oct. 22, 1921; graduated with bachelor of arts degree, Barnard College, 1942; hired as copywriter, Bresnick & Solomont, Boston, 1946; joined Grey Advertising, New York, 1947; joined launch team of Doyle Dane Bernbach as copy chief, becoming first female copy chief in U.S. advertising, 1949; promoted to VP, 1956; inducted into Copywriters Hall of Fame, 1968; retired from DDB, 1982.

("Robinson, Phyllis K. (1921- )." Ad Age. N.p., 15 Sept. 2003. Web. 22 Mar. 2017.)

Week 9 EOC: Trends in TV

The trends that are happening in television are, lower number of televisions in a single household, the increased number of smart televisions, streaming services and different methods of reviewing content. As I person that does not own a television I am happy that there are more services for me to still get my fix via streaming services and apps. As the cost of videos screens falls, the demand for content mobility will rise exponentially. With a smart phone serving as the nerve center for the screen world, content will be able to follow a consumer from device to device, location to location” (Jeff Stier and Chris Gianutsos, Ernst & Young. "Six Trends Directing the Future of Television." Wired. Conde Nast, 17 Dec. 2013. Web. 08 Mar. 2017). With a large drop in television sales we are seeing a growth in computer sales because of the convince and versatility the computer has to offer also you can connect a projection screen to the computer and create an even larger screen for computer/ television use. “Original programming experiments by Internet streaming video providers offers a taste of the different kinds of relationships that talent will have with distribution partners. New relationship models will allow more industry players to take greater creative risks” (Jeff Stier and Chris Gianutsos, Ernst & Young. "Six Trends Directing the Future of Television." Wired. Conde Nast, 17 Dec. 2013. Web. 08 Mar. 2017). If you are one of last people to own a television than you will be looking forward to, “high Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Vision grows in popularity, LCD TVs migrate towards OLED, Chinese TV brands on the rise, LG to expand presence in OLED” ("Anticipated TV Trends in 2017 at the CES." Lifehack. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2017).   As for me I don't see myself purchasing a television anytime soon, but I will upgrade to HULU Live.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Analysis of Project in the Real World

  If I created a print advert and commercial for the 2017 Hyundai Sonata Limited I think it would speak to a whole new generation of loyal customers. Fashion is growing via smart technology, trends/styles, and innovative design tactics blending the culture of a luxury midsize and trend forward fashion is a great advertising move for the brand to ensure future growth. “By understanding what you customers want, you can build relationships that are memorable and set you apart from the competition. Focus on understanding each of your customers on an individual level and find out what really makes them tick, and why they like doing business with you” (Beard, Ross. "Building Customer Loyalty with 18 Proven Strategies." Client Heartbeat Blog. N.p., 17 Dec. 2014. Web. 22 Mar. 2017). Even though the relationship may not be clear there is a clear correlation between fashion and automobiles. Mercedes Benz is a clear example of using style as their focus of design. “As a rule, fashion ads are beautifully vapid. And they just got the send-up they deserve. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, and the event's title sponsor is out with a new video that's a delightful parody of fashion marketing nonsense” (Gabriel Beltrone. "Ad of the Day: Mercedes-Benz Just Made a Great Fashion Ad, and It's a Total Piss-Take." – Adweek. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017).  I believe my advert and commercial will bring Hyundai into the playing field of blending fashion into their advertising. Also bringing in people who are known for sending a positive message into the world and influencing others around them. I think my work would be very successful in the industry and worldly accepted which will keep people wanting more from the brand. “Online advertorials are one of the most effective forms of DR digital marketing available. In fact, the only tactic we have found to be consistently more cost-effective at generating leads online is good old-fashioned search. That makes advertorials more cost-effective than display ads” ("The Secret Power of Online Advertorials | NLD." Northern Lights Direct. N.p., 20 Sept. 2016. Web. 22 Mar. 2017). With millennials coming into more independent roles in their lives brands should keep them in mind when designing campaigns, "They’ve been bombarded with advertisements their whole lives, especially in the digital world, and they’ve witnessed an economic collapse during their formative years as the indirect result of corporate greed. They tend to distrust corporations and brands in general, seeing them as purely motivated by profit, so any attempt to advertise to them directly through content will go over like a lead balloon. Instead, use content marketing the way it was supposed to be used—to inform, entertain, or otherwise provide value to your readership, with conversions as a secondary consideration" (DeMers, Jayson. "7 Ways To Target Millennials Through Content Marketing." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 27 June 2016. Web. 22 Mar. 2017. <>) its important to know which generation is on the rise and changing so the proper adjustment can be made to better service future customers. By reshaping marketing strategies you open your self to the opportunity for higher sales and customer loyalty. Hyundai already has gained recognition over the past years for safety, best design, efficiency and five star ratings. "The 2017 Hyundai Sonata has been awarded the U.S. News & World Report accolade for “Best Midsize Car for the Money,” making this the second time in three years a Hyundai vehicle has won the award. The Sonata’s nomination was shared by 18 other foreign and domestic midsize sedans in one of the industry’s most competitive fields". ("News - Awards." News - Awards - News - Awards - Press Releases - Hyundai Motor America Newsroom. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017).

Creative Content

For my creative content, I would like to blend the two worlds of fashion and automobile. The first picture is my print advert that I created in Photoshop and the second image is my mood board for the clothing I would like my models to wear. "That said, some advertisements are so memorable and powerful that they're referenced to this day, leaving a lasting impression on an industry that's known for how frequently its trends change” (Klein, Alyssa Vingan. "12 Ad Campaigns That Have Become Iconic in American Fashion." Fashionista. N.p., 30 June 2015. Web. 22 Mar. 2017. Since I am focusing on fashion I wanted to keep the element of style very consistent within the advert, “Consistency maintains your message” (Holtzclaw, Eric. "Power of Consistency: 5 Rules." Inc., 21 June 2012. Web. 22 Mar. 2017. The customers I hope to reach with this advert are stylish, career driven males and females between the ages of 26-38 who love companies that are different from the rest. Using specific elements of design, “Like in science, which requires molecules to form a substance, in art too the elements are required to form an art work. Artists manipulate elements such as line, space, texture, shape and color and apply the principles of design to form an art. Those features which are used to create designs to enhance the user experience” ("Why Are the Elements of & Principles of Design Important?" N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017. As an artist I have the ability to create art that is unique to the client or inspiration. This was a major key for me while designing my advert, “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form" (David Ogilvy- Suggett, Paul. "25 Inspirational Quotes About Advertising." The Balance. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017. For me I would like to design the set to the shoot and place everyone accordingly to get the most powerful angles along with movement.